What are the different types of cell phone cases?

Surely you’ve already dropped your smartphone, haven’t you?

According to the figures, more than 43% of smartphones have already been dropped and 20% have already been soaked in water. It is therefore normal that you care a lot about the future of your smartphone. Although some people think that these accessories are ugly or old-fashioned, we must admit that without protection, your phones are at great risk. Good news: there are now aesthetically pleasing shells and protective covers adapted to your needs, for all smartphone models to be protected from possible accidents. Indeed, even if you find models on the market that claim to be “standard”, nothing beats well-targeted protection.

What are the different types of smartphone protection?

No one is safe from an accident on their smartphone. Understand that at the slightest shock, you run the risk of damaging your ports, cracking your camera or even altering the external components of your phone, hence the great need to choose suitable protection. But before choosing the model to install on your device, it is important to differentiate between all the types offered on the market:

The silicone case

The silicone case is the most common smartphone protection. Very easy to handle, the latter will allow you to protect your phone from certain shocks. The pleasant feeling is not only felt when using it, but also when touching it. Indeed, this choice is much more suitable for people with delicate hands. There are thin silicone cases and thick silicone cases on the market.

Polyurethane plastic shell

This second type has greater resistance. Always so soft to the touch, its handling will not cause you any discomfort. One of the great advantages of polyurethane plastic shells is that they are often transparent.

The rigid plastic shell

Another interesting option: the rigid plastic shell. Most of the users who have opted for it are those who favor design. The other side of the coin: protection against a fall is not very advantageous.

The bumper

The bumper is a flexible protection that will allow you to keep the design of your smartphone while protecting you from small blunders. Indeed, this type of protection does not cover the entire smartphone, but only the corners.

The kickback stand wallet

The kickback stand wallet allows you to put the phone in horizontal format to watch a video, it is an advantage for watching a movie or for reading.

All you have to do is choose your model and color.

The wallet case

The wallet case allows you to protect your cellphone and at the same time use it as an all-in-one wallet.

The case

Finally, the case or wallet is a protection that is, in most cases, made up of a resistant polycarbonate structure. Like a wallet, the case opens to make room for the smartphone.

Which type of cellphone case should you choose?

Shock-resistant and protective smartphone cases are often also made of plastic, but often consist of a soft silicone “skin” that fits snugly over the phone and helps absorb the impact of a drop, which can help prevent breakage or cracking. in the cover or screen. Additionally, these types of smartphone cases often come with screen protectors, which are clear plastic covers that snap over the phone screen and help prevent scratches. These cases can also cover the ports of the phone, to keep dust and dirt out. Active people usually find that choosing a protective case like this is the best option.

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