Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case For iPhone 11, 11 Pro & 11 Pro Max Review

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case is a famous and affordable brand, just like the Otterbox. The quality of these cases is much better than in other cases. I got a lot of comfort and satisfaction using this phone case on my iPhone 11 series phone. So let’s get to know about the real-life experience of this Spigen Ultra Hybrid case.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone 11 case review

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case builds with Hybrid technology, a favourite phone case for several people. The Phone Case makes with a TPU bumper for regular use. The backside is transparent, and it maintains the actual look of the phone. In the Spigen cases made with advanced materials, that’s why the yellowish effect does not occur. Take a look at how to clean a transparent phone case that turns yellow effect.

I like the design of the Case. The buttons are very flexible, and the wireless charging works just fine. The phone case will fit perfectly with the 11 series on your iPhone, and you will get a good grip on your hand. The Case is well for regular use. Let’s take a look at its key features that will increase the demand of your choice.


  • Extended bezel for camera protection.
  • Flexible buttons.
  • Lots of space on the charging area.
  • Lightweight and unique design
  • Wireless charging works perfectly.


  • The problem of crystal clear smooth surface is grip loss. There is a possibility of falling of hand.
  • Not have any waterproof protection
  • This Case can’t face a heavy dropping

Key features


This Case of Spigen makes of a combination of Polycarbonate and Thermoplastic Polyurethane chemicals, which is fine on average. But Crystal Clear is a little slippery.

There is a possibility of slipping from the hand. However, there is nothing to worry about in terms of protection. The Case is strong enough to protect your iPhone.


The phone case fits easily with the phone, and you get a Comfy feel when you hold it in your hand after controlling the metal body of the iPhone for a long time.

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid phone case is compatible with iPhone 11,11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. However, you need to check and buy a proper model.


I used the phone case for two months. I have handled many transparent cases before, but they have a yellowish effect after a while. However, despite the crystal clear transparency of the Spigen case, You did not face such problems. You will feel Satisfactory using the Spigen Ultra Hybrid case.


The design of the Case is engaging to view. It will make your phone more gorgeous and give you a premium feel. Especially the part of the camera on the backside is charming lovely to see.

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case for iPhone 11 Pro has Matte Black and Crystal Clear for 11 Pro Max and 11. Crystal Clear design maintains the original look of the phone.

Camera Guard

The back of the Spigen Ultra Hybrid case has a much higher camera bezel which increases the protection of the camera. This way, it is possible to protect the camera, but the backside is much higher. Putting the Case in the pocket of the phone seemed very embarrassing.

Wireless Charging

The use of low-quality cases causes some disruption in wireless charging. But the Spigen Ultra Hybrid case is Compatible with wireless charging. I was using it, and it was charging correctly. I am satisfied with the wireless charging.

I had many bad experiences using average brands before, but the Spigen Ultra Hybrid case didn’t cause any problems with wireless charging on my iPhone.

Flexible Buttons and Ports

You can press the buttons using the Case. The buttons are on usual Case are very hard, which causes a lot of pain and pain in the fingers when pushed too much. There is also enough space around the charging port so that you can connect any cable and avoid any problems.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case For iPhone 11 pro

Spigen Ultra Hybrid case for iphone 11 pro

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case For iPhone 11 pro Max

Spigen Ultra Hybrid case for iphone 11 pro max


Is the Spigen Ultra Hybrid case waterproof?

No. First of all, if you are thinking of taking a waterproof case, then this Case is not for you. The Case is built for regular use. For this, you can see other models of Spigen.

Is the Spigen Ultra Hybrid a rugged case?

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid case is not included in the Armor case category. So the Phone case cannot withstand heavy drops. If your phone falls from a high or hits the device, It will likely damage your phone. The phone case can support the camera protector and body when lightly dropped.

Final word

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone Case is affordable and works well. Those who are case lovers have to change the Case every month. Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone Case is best for you and far ahead in protection, design, good looking. My favourite brand is Spigen, and its Ultra Hybrid cases are mostly cheap and standard. You can try it.

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