Phone Skin Vs Case – Which one should you go for

Phone skin? Or a phone case? Can’t think which one to choose? Then relax, don’t be hesitant. You’ve come to the right place. 😉

You can know the difference between phone skin vs case. Lastly, there is a legendary solution for you if you like both case & skin.

What is phone skin?

A low-budget sticker on the back of the phone that gives your device a new look for a few days is called phone skin. The fancy material for these phone skins are usually Vinyl and carbon fibre patterns. However, everyone loves vinyl phone skins.

What is this phone case?

I don’t want to explain the phone case anymore because almost all of you know it. The phone case has many qualities varying from leather, plastic, glass, TPU to various style & colors.

5 Key differences between a phone case vs skin

Phone Skin Vs Case

1. Protection

First of all, you should know which one will protect your handphone most? Because the form factors of buying these is security and not a fashionable looks.

Case: On the other hand, the material and structure of the phone cases are very good. If your smartphone accidentally slips out of your hand, its deep layer will protect the device at least a little bit. However, if it is 360 degrees case, it will cover both the screen and the backside.

Skin: Phone skins are light, which won’t protect your smartphone from accidental damage in many ways. These are mainly for decoration.

Recap: If you have a habit of dropping the phone from your hand, stay a hundred hands away from the phone skin.

2. Grip

The more you control an object, the less likely you are to get out of hand. That’s why the grip is so important.

Case: As always, the phone cases have enough grip. You will feel comfortable. However, the material of the case are not the same in all facts. It is better to stay away from low-quality glass and plastic. Otherwise, buying skin and buying a cover are the same.

Skin: Phone custom skins are very slippery. That’s why it is normal to feel discomfort in your mind when you drop your iPhone.

Recap: If you have a habit of sweating, you can put the phone case on your favourite list.

3. Style

The external look is a big factor. If this is the fact with the cellphone, we want to update the hand device almost all the time.

Case: But the phone cases are not attractive. Some phone cases are very good for both boys and girls and come with a professional feel. Also, A rugged case is one of them.

Skin: Vinyl phone skins are more attractive than a Phone case. I will support phone skin in this situation.

Recap: The choice is up to you. There is no restriction on your budget. You can buy phone skin twice a month and decorate it in new habits.

4. Comfortable

Before I buy anything, I think about how much I will benefit from it. Comfy plays an important role.

Case: On the other hand, the thickness of the case is a lot. As a result, it isn’t easy to keep in the pocket. It is not easy to use. There are also many more difficulties of phone case.

Skin: It can be said that there is no diameter on the phone skin. It gives a different impression.

Recap: Considering the comfort, I would think of taking phone skin. Because even after searching a lot, you could not find the thin phone case.

5. Installation

Case: The phone cases are undoubtedly easy to open and fit. There is nothing wrong with keeping it open when you want to. But there is no chance to open the phone after applying the skins. If you try to open it, you should remove the skin completely.

Skin: Installing device back skins is a lot of concern. I don’t want to hang up with the phone properly. The air gets in somewhere, time is wasted, and there is more chance of fracture. You must be a skilled craftsman for this optional job.

Which one should you go for – Pors & Cons

Phone Case


  • Case durability is enough, which will keep the phone safe.
  • Various features including on phone case such as a kickstand, lens cover, etc.
  • Easy to install and uninstall.
  • You get a good grip by using the phone case.


  • Cases are a light thick, which makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • Phone case croupt wifi signal.

Phone Skin


  • You can give your phone a new stylish look.
  • It doesn’t change the phone’s infrastructure.
  • DBrand is famous for carbon-fiber and much better.


  • Phone skin is very slippery.
  • There is nothing to say about the safety of your phone.
  • You may face lots of hassle during installation.
  • No additional features attached.

Solution for both:

Solution of Phone Skin Vs Case

Are you smiling in your mind? 😂 You can do this technique if you like both.

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