How to Remove Ink from Phone Case?

Finding out how to remove ink from phone case is a very good idea, especially if you end up putting ink on the case by mistake. These things happen, so finding out how to solve that issue is a very good idea. It will take a bit of preparation and that alone is certainly a thing to take into account. There are many ways to remove ink from phone case, but here are the ones that we think are the best.

Use lukewarm water

Believe it or not, lukewarm water is actually one of the best options when you find out how to remove ink from phone case. The idea is to fill a bowl with some lukewarm water, and then soak the phone case in the bowl for 15 minutes or so. The ink dissolves during that time, and then you remove the case, use a toothbrush to scrub the ink and then rinse the residue. That’s all you need to do, and it will work all the time.

Emery paper

Generally, lukewarm water will be enough in most cases. But there are times when you need another approach. Emery paper can actually help you in these situations, and that’s certainly one of the things to think about here. Use the paper to scrub all the ink and eventually the ink will go away. The trick is to avoid adding too much pressure, as it can end up being a problem.


Even if it does sound unconventional, the truth is that mouthwash can actually help you learn how to remove ink from phone case. The idea here is to run some of it on the ink stain, and then the toothbrush can be used to scrub everything lightly. You can then let it sit for around 15 minutes, after that you just rinse the case and you should be good to go.

Hand sanitizer

Another method that’s a bit unconventional comes in the form of hand sanitizer. Since it has alcohol, it can remove many stains, ink stains included. The idea here is to add hand sanitizer on the ink stain and with the toothbrush or even your hand you can rub it. Leave it to sit for a couple of minutes, rinse with lukewarm water and you will be good to go. That alone is going to help remove most ink stains from your case. It’s one of the methods that works flawlessly, and these days we all have hand sanitizer nearby.


You can also use ice in order to remove pen ink from any phone case. The way you use it is you add the ice cubes in a cup and then you place the phone case on top of the cubes and let it there for 30 minutes, maybe a bit more. You can then rinse the ink with some lukewarm water. This method is actually very efficient, even if it takes a bit more time than the others. It’s totally worth considering, especially when it comes to the value that it provides and the experience as a whole.


Another method you can use is bleach. We recommend using bleach only as a last resort, because it’s not exactly the simplest thing you can do. But it will bring in the results you want, although it can be difficult to manage it due to the danger that it brings. Mix some bleach with water and then you mix it with detergent. You need to put the spot where you want to remove the ink in this mixture for a few minutes. Don’t insert the entire case, as that will be a problem. Let it air dry and you will be fine.


As you can see, finding how to remove ink from phone case can take a bit of time, but there are multiple methods to try out. Once you start using these methods, it becomes a lot easier to narrow down everything and the results can be very good. It’s certainly a bit challenging to remove ink from a phone case, but eventually with help from these methods you can do it. Just give them a try for yourself today!

How do you remove ink from a silicone phone case?

First, try Nail Polish Remover. Else wise, try Goo Gone. Use the wipes, first. I’ve tried already nail polish remover, hair spray, perfume, hand sanitizers.

How do you remove ink from phone case without nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol?

Instead, try wiping the affected area with a powerful household solvent like acetone, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or diluted bleach. You can also soak non-electronic items to bust up set-in stains if cleaning by hand just isn’t cutting it.

Does acetone melt plastic?

The acetone will damage the plastic’s surface, softening it, smearing it, or even dissolving the plastic.

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