How To Protect Your Phone Without A Case

Many of us are annoyed with the use of phone cases. Because we think the Phone Case changes the actual shape and weight of the phone. From the display to the camera lens, there is a lot of risk of the phone breaking in different sites.

Here are some tips to help you protect your phone without using a case. You will find out more, the reasons why there are so many chances of the phone breaking. Also, The latest Corning Gorilla Glass can prevent the phone’s display from breaking at all?

Types of the phone body

Types of the phone body

Today, the manufacturer’s made the body of the phone three types of materials. In the future, cellphone companies may produce phones with better elements.

  • Glass
  • Plastic body
  • Metal

We know glass is a breakable material. If the phone falls from two meters, the glass body is possible to break. The latest iPhone models become glass on the backside for beauty. Besides, the Corning Gorilla glass is using for scratch resistance, damage resistance. These are not scratch-proof & Damage-Proof.

Plastic bodies provide better support than glass, but plastic is easily scratched. The best option is a metal body. It Protects Your Phone Without Using a Case. Metal bodies are mainly using in flagship-level phones. However, the metal body gets hotter as it can’t absorb heat.

The main reason why phone breaks

Protect Your Phone Without A Case

  • Negligence: We usually discover ourselves in a lot of embarrassing situations when we take videos and pictures. We should be aware of these cases. There is a possibility of damage if you hit the corner sections of the phone.
  • Giving your phone to the children: The little ones use the phone to watch cartoons or play games. The hands of children are smaller than the phone. That’s why there is no grip to hold the phone. As a result, they are more likely to drop the phone.
  • Use or keep it in hand while Walking: Generally, we keep Phones in our hands while walking outside the home. I also use it while traveling on the bus or train. According to research, a person can never properly concentrate on two tasks. Most of the time, the phone may be likely to fall to the ground, or you may face an accident.
  • Keep the phone upside down in the Pocket: Nowadays, the camera lens of the phone is much bigger than the older one. Some models also have a display on the backside. If you keep it in your Pocket there is a possibility of cracking the display and camera lens.

5 Ways to Protect Your Phone Without Using a Case

1. By using a screen protector

The best way is to use a screen guard. A glass protector protects your phone. It saves you money. Glass protectors are much better than before.

Camera lens protectors are available in the market. It is possible to save thousands of dollars by investing 2$. Phones with backside glass panels can apply this trick. A low-quality screen protector loses smoothness when using the phone. So, be careful and try to get the best glass protector.

2. By use PopSockets

usese PopSockets

Sometimes you will see that the backside of the phone has a finger grip like a ring. These are called PopSocket. Using PopSocket is unlikely to cause the phone to fall out of hand. PopSocket is important for you if you have a habit of repeatedly dropping your phone.

The PopSocket acts as the kickstand of the phone case. Also, these finger grips come in different styles. You can choose any type considering your choice and compatibility.

3. Put your smartphone in a Pouch

smartphone in a Pouch

It’s okay not to use the phone case, but you must take it in the pouch when traveling outside. Please can’t hold a phone in your hand and pocket while walking on the street. You can use a handbag for this.

4. Beware of hard and rough surface

Suddenly placing the phone on a heavy surface is the principal cause of lens breaking and make a spot. If you use a phone Case this problem may not happen. So what is the solution?

Avoid hard surfaces. We put the phone roughly on the table as soon as we come outside. So try to fix the bad habit.

5. Make a DIY Phone Case

DIY Phone Case

Many of us do not want to use the phone case for lack of money. You can make it own at home. It makes your case look unique. You can create a DIY Phone Case using a Glue Gun and scotch tape.

Is the Phone case necessary?

In real life, the value of a phone case is immeasurable. Many of us use the phone case for style, while others use it for protection. However, there are disadvantages to the phone case. The phone producer does everything considering the design. However, since the build quality of some phones is weak, it is more satisfying to use a phone case.