How to Paint a Phone Case

Phone cases are essential to protect the exterior of your device from damage, but they also show off your unique style. Store-bought custom phone cases can be simple and expensive.

Release your inner Picasso and decorate your phone case by following my awesome guide to painting phone cases. Solid color and best transparent phone cases are affordable. Choose a simple, neutral, or transparent plastic phone case to paint and let your creativity run wild.

There’s no need to purchase a new phone case if you’re tired of your color.

Painting the body of the mobile phone case is the most convenient way to update the phone. You don’t even have to be a very experienced painter; you just need guidance on how to paint it to make it look brand new. Most spray paints on the market work very well on plastics and are designed for interior and exterior use. A lot of spray paints have an enamel finish that secures the paint and finish from wear.

How to paint your phone case step by step

Select the color and finish of the cell phone case

As much as restoring a case or redecorating it from scratch, you will also need to know what type of color you prefer, and even if you want it more satin, matte, or glossy, this will depend on your taste in Pintyplus spray paint you will find the color and finish you require.

Clean the phone case.

Whether old or new, it is normal and common for covers to have grease or any other element that impairs the adherence of paint to the surface; for this, there are ways to clean it; you can use a Pintyplus Isopropyl alcohol detergent surface for all types of surfaces, 100% Isopropyl Alcohol spray with improved dispersion for deep cleaning of objects and surfaces. Recommended for home and professional use.

Read our detailed guide on how to clean a phone case.

Add a primer to paint silicone or plastic case

The vast majority of casings are made of silicone or plastic; therefore, it is paramount to make a primer. The primer is nothing over a layer that lets the paint adhere better to the surface, and its durability will be greater.

Design to customize the mobile phone case

You may want your own solid color case, or you may want to play around with a better elaborate design; there isn’t much difference between the two apart from the tempo and steps.

Pertaining to a single-color design, you don’t have to much to stress about, but for a design with multiple colors or shapes, once the primer is done and that layer dries, you need to cover the section of the casing that you don’t prefer to paint with masking tape.

So that when applying spray paint in the uncovered area, it does not affect the rest.

It is important to protect everything around it, either with a cardboard base or with plastic bags; make sure to cover everything before you begin spraying.

Paint the phone case

As soon as the primer is done and if you have covered some areas, it is time to paint; for this, you have to apply the paint spray about 15 to 25 cm away, making steady movements from left to right and from top to bottom; in this way, you will get an even layer.

Why customize a phone case?

Customizing phone cases by painting is a fun and relaxing activity. There is a painting technique for all tastes.

Even if you want to spend 15 minutes or 24 hours, there’s a creative way to spice up your case to protect your most beloved device.

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