How to Get Rid of Air Bubbles in Phone Case?

The sheer idea of finding out how to get rid of air bubbles in phone case is very important, since this happens quite a lot. Air bubbles usually end up appearing due to air getting trapped in the case. It can be due to a variety of things, either there was some liquid in there, or the case was placed under a lot of pressure. There are various situations that lead to this, but protecting everything and making sure it’s implemented properly can make a difference.

Remove grease from the case

A way to learn how to get rid of air bubbles in phone case is to degrease the case. The idea here is to remove the oil or liquid from the silicone case. Once you do that, you will be preventing the air bubbles from being trapped. You want to remove the case from your phone and then use alcohol wipes in order to clean both sides.

You then use the wipes to clean the rear side of the phone. You can leave the case and also your phone to dry off. It will take a bit for the alcohol to evaporate, so take your time and leave it to dry off properly. Wearing gloves during this process helps and you will find that it provides a very good result.

Lift the edge of the case

Sometimes you can release any of the trapped air just via lifting the edge of the case. We recommend lifting the corner of the case, as it will allow the trapped air to step away. You can do this multiple times, since eventually more air bubbles will get captured. But it’s simple to do and repeating it often might actually offer you the results that you expect.

Wash the case

Yes, washing the case can be a very good idea and a soap and water bath for the case might be exactly what you want. Remove the phone case and then put it into soapy water. Preferably, that water should be warm, just to avoid any issues. We do recommend wiping the back of your phone too. This is where a lot of grime, dust, debris and oil can end up being captured. A microfiber cloth can be used for drying off the case. It’s a simple thing you should repeat often, since those air bubbles can re-appear, but this process will solve the issue.

Expose the case to cold temperatures

Freezing up the case can also help solve this issue. Or just exposing it to cold temperatures might very well do the trick. What you can do is remove the phone, place the cover into your freezer and wait for around 30 minutes or so. After that you just have to take it out and wait for it to dry before you use it.

What happens during this process is that the bubbles will have a much smaller size or they even disappear. The case might end up restoring those air reserves if its hole is not sealed the way it should. Which is why this method can be rather bad for plastic cases in particular. It works better for things like silicone or anything similar. It will take a bit of a trial and error to make this work, but it’s definitely worth the effort.

Flatten the case

Flattening the case with a credit card to force the air bubbles out can also be an option. Yes, it’s not as good as the others, but sometimes it might work. It’s one of the less conventional methods to try when you figure out how to get rid of air bubbles in phone case. But it might work, and it never hurts trying. Avoid adding too much pressure as it can damage the case.


As you can see, knowing how to get rid of air bubbles in phone case is a very good idea. These things happen all the time, and adapting as well as implementing the right solutions can really help. It does take a bit of a trial and error to manage everything properly, but if you do it right, you can finally get rid of the unwanted air bubbles.

Do air bubbles go away on their own?

In some cases, patience is the key to getting rid of air bubbles; just wait for 24 to 48 hours and the bubbles may simply work themselves out.

Will tempered glass air bubbles go away?

Small moisture bubbles are common and go away on their own. Before people go tearing off screen covers and trying to reapply their bent out and fingerprinted soft screen protectors, try leaving the pen head sized and smaller bubbles alone and they’ll go away as long as it’s moisture bubbles.

Can air bubbles damage screen?

Bubbles trapped beneath your screen are a common problem that many phone users face. Unfortunately, bubbles are not just unattractive — they can also cause significant problems. Not taken care of properly, they can make your screen protector less efficient at protecting your phone.

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