How to Decorate your Clear Phone Case

If you like to add a personal touch to the things you use daily, decorating your phone case is an awesome way to do it. Clear phone cases offer you a particularly interesting opportunity to show off your style.

There are a series of ways to decorate your phone case to express your personal style but before you must clean your clear phone case!

Assuming you have stickers at home, stick them on the case to quickly transform the look. Washi tape is another easy and fun way to give your phone a whole new look. If you have a clear case, try showcasing memorable flat items under the case. Be creative, as well as have fun creating a piece of art that you can use every day.

Looking for inspiration on how to decorate a clear phone case? I have a few ideas that I think can help spark your creativity.

Here are 5 ways to decorate your clear phone case.

If you are tired of your clear case, renew it with these simple tricks.


Stickers are the most simple way to decorate your clear case. Pick a couple of stickers you want to show off, or cover the entire case with a collage of stickers. Most traditional adhesive-backed stickers will need to be placed on the outside of the box, but if you get stickers intended for car windows that have adhesive on the front, you can place them inside the box to prevent peeling.

Washi tape

Everyone’s favorite decorative tape is the perfect solution for bringing a clear phone case to life. Spreading washi tape in strips is an obvious solution, but it can also be fun to create a pattern of repeating squares or cut the tape into different shapes. To prevent the tape from unraveling, fold the ends around the case and tuck them into the back, so the phone holds them in place.

Pressed flowers

If you love your flowers, adding pressed flowers is a great way to channel spring vibes all year long. Flowers that can be pressed flat are the best option for this method; bulkier flowers like roses will not fit between the case and the phone. Lay the case side up and place the flowers in the desired positions, then insert the phone into the case to hold them in place.


Good old-fashioned paper photography is another great way to spruce up a clear Phone case. Smaller vertical photos are better because they reflect the size of your phone. You can crop a photo to the exact size you need and have it printed at many cheap drugstores. Simply crop the photo to fit, place it in the case photo-side out, and slide the phone into the case to hold it in place.

Other elements

If you’re feeling smarter, you can glue pretty much any thin, flat object you want to the back of your clear phone’s case: buttons, old coins, discarded keys, and so on. These items should be attached with waterproof craft glue and allowed to dry undisturbed according to package directions. Check the layout of your items before you start gluing them to make sure they don’t compromise your grip.

Keep your phone case flashy!

There are various ways to beautify your phone case. Choose a phone case decoration option that is the most accessible, fun, and truly reflects your tastes and passions.

Having a clear phone or tablet case is a perfect opportunity to channel your artistic energies and express yourself.

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