How to Customize a Phone Case

Figuring out how to customize a phone case is a great idea if you want your phone to stand out. On top of that, a good case offers stellar protection, and it eliminates any possible damage that might arise. While it’s important to buy a great case, you also want it to make it your own. That’s why customizing your phone case is important, especially if you want to make a great impression when you pull out your phone. After you have cleaned your phone case, you can start the customization!

9 Tips to customize your case

Use watercolor to create art on your phone case

If you have some crafting skills and you enjoy art, then you can start doing some watercolor painting on your case. It’s a very good way to be creative and come up with some really cool designs. All you need is a piece of white paper, and then select the right art medium. Of course, you could also take a page from coloring books and then color it and attach it to your phone. It’s creative and unique, and it will bring in a very good experience.

Add pressed flowers to your case

One of the interesting things about pressed flowers is that they are one of the simplest art projects you can try out. The idea here is that you can acquire some flowers you like, and then learn how to press and store them properly. After a while, you can take the pressed flowers and use them as the pivotal part of your case. They are great and the best part is that you can glue them onto the case.

We recommend using a white case if you attempt this type of idea, because it makes the pressed flowers stand out. Of course, you can also harden the exterior with some resin. It’s creative and it certainly allows you to customize the case with any type of pressed flowers you want. That’s why this can be one of the best ways to learn how to customize a phone case and also show your creativity.

Make your phone case look like marble

The idea of marbelizing your phone case might not seem that complex, but it’s actually very creative and fun to do. What you need here is some nail polish, you drop it in a water bowl and start swirling. Check and see if the marbling at the top of the water is something you like. At this point all you have to do is to just dip the case.

Some people go the extra mile and add some more nail polish shades. It all comes down to experimenting and adjusting stuff the way you want. It’s a clever idea and one of those things that can make a huge difference when you figure out how to customize a phone case.

Cross stitching

What we love about cross stitching is the fact that you can get a case with holes in it, and then you just stitch using those holes to cerate a nice pattern. A blank cross stitch case is very important here, and once you have it, you can start establishing the design and stitch as you desire. It’s a lot of fun and it will bring in a versatile, unique and empowering experience. We recommend using brighter colors, especially if you are working with a blank canvas.

Print a design on the case

There are a lot of companies online like Printful where you can easily bring a design and then have it printed on a case. The great thing here is that you’re not really limited in any way. You can choose the design you want, and then you can go to such a website and upload it. You will see a preview of how it will look like when done, and then you can place the order. They will print the design and send it to you.

Of course, this also means you don’t really have a lot of choice when it comes to the style of phone case you can use, but it’s still worth a shot if you want something customized to your liking. For the most part, companies that do this work with black or white cases, even transparent ones, because those tend to be the ideal canvas.

Washi tape designs

If you’re crafty and also creative, you can use washi tape to create some incredible designs. The idea here is that washi tape works well especially if you want to have geometric designs. You can try things out on a piece of paper to see how it would look. The fact that you can work with all kinds of different colors is interesting, and you can easily make a 2-color or a 20-color washi tape design. As you can see, you have lots of options, and that on its own is what makes washi tape the perfect choice.

Tapestry designs

In case you enjoy the idea of working on tapestry, this can be very good for your phone case too. The reason why you want to add tapestry onto your case is because it helps add a softer material which will help prevent any skin damage from blunt edges. You can feel free to create any tapestry design you want, as long as it fits the case. Just experiment and see what works. In the end, the phone will be more comfortable to hold!

Paint swatches

Paint swatches are a wonderful option because you get to customize your case in a tasteful way. What you want to do is to cut a hole for the camera, and then you just need to cut the swatch to size. Cut a hole for the camera and then just add the phone in a transparent case. Then you will be good to go. You can also paint your phone case as an alternative.

Adding glitter to your phone case

Whenever you want to figure out how to customize a phone case, adding glitter seems like the obvious choice. The reason for that is glitter makes the phone case stand out and just look cool. First, you will need a clear case, and then you just add glitter to it.

The idea is that you want to have a transparent case, because not only is it simple, it will also a wonderful way to personalize your case. The cool thing here is that you can add glitter with multiple colors. Or you can just keep a single tone.


As you can see, it’s not that hard to identify how to customize a phone case. It all comes down to taking your time and finding the right methods. These tips and tricks listed above are great for anyone that’s looking to make their phone case more interesting and personal.

CellPhoneCase is here to guide you through the process of finding great phone cases, we also offer case advice and all the guidance that you need. If you want to ensure that you customize your phone case in a way that’s creative and fun, just browse our website or follow our tips and tricks. We guarantee you will have no problem customizing your case and pushing its look to the next level. At the end of the day, everyone should personalize their phone case, so using these ideas can be well worth it!

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