How to Clean a Transparent Phone Case?

One minute you’re browsing Instagram in a café, and the next you realize that your phone is covered in some kind of liquid you can only identify by its color. Sometimes, it’s baby formula.

Other times, it’s just milk. Either way, it’s extremely easy to keep your screen looking shiny clean with this simple hack. cleaning a transparent phone case is very easy.

Using a transparent phone case is a trend. If you’re not one of the 1% of people who gets their phones this way, you can’t help but admire them.

Reason for phone cases turn yellow

Transparent phone cases are usually making of silicone or TPU materials. These polymers tend to be very soft and light.

First of all, this problem is also the result of a chemical reaction. When the phone is slightly hot, the yellow spot comes to the front.

Light Stains: Use dish soap

Clean a clear phone case with dish soap

Dish soap:

A type of liquid that many people know as dishwashing soap, dish detergent. Its main functions are washing glasses and cooking utensils. Also, remove oil-affected materials. Boys and girls also play it as a bubble-making game.

You can easily clean the transparent plastic case and silicone flexible case with dish soap. But you can’t wash the leather case with it. The method of cleaning leather cases is different.

Necessary materials

  • 250 ml of slightly hot water
  • One teaspoon amount of dish soap
  • Small brush: Unusable toothbrush
  • Soft cloth

How to clean a clear phone case with dish soap

  1. Put your phone case in lukewarm water and .
  2. Combine the cleaning solution with a toothbrush and rub well on the yellow spots.
  3. Once the yellow stains have risen, wipe off the water with a clean damp cloth.

Caution: Never attach the phone case to the phone while it is wet.

Medium Stains: ethanol-based liquids

clean transparent phone case

Rubbing Alcohol:

It is a type of isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol) and ethyl alcohol (ethanol) that is made with 70% alcohol. These are using as disinfectants. You can get these at any super shop.

Rubbing alcohol is harmful to the human body. You need to use it carefully and keep it out of reach of children.

Note: Please, can’t use alcohol in transparent cases that are lightly designed and slightly painted. You can use Rubbing alcohol to remove several types of ink, be it yellow spots or case paint.

Necessary materials

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Dry cloth

Method of cleaning transparent phone case with isopropyl alcohol

  1. Mix a small amount of rubbing alcohol with a clean dry cloth and keep rubbing on the stained area.
  2. Fully clean the outside and inside of the case.
  3. Once it is clear, wait for 15 minutes. Rubbing alcohol kills all the germs and bacteria in the situation.

Caution: You need to wear Hand gloves before touching alcohol. Hand sanitizer and rubbing alcohol are not the same things, get rid of this misconception. The amount of alcohol in the sanitizer is small.

Tough Stains: Baking of soda

clear phone case with bicarbonate of soda

Baking soda:

The chemical name of baking soda is Sodium bicarbonate which is known as cooking soda. Baking powder can use as a cleanser in addition to cooking.

Materials required:

  • Baking powder
  • Water
  • Disposable toothbrush
  • Microbial cloths

How to clean case with baking soda

  1. First, wet the case once with water.
  2. Then sprinkle baking powder well on the stained area on top of the case.
  3. Rub well with a toothbrush to remove dirt.
  4. Leave it for 2-3 minutes and wash the case with water.
  5. Then wipe the case with a clean cloth and let it dry.


Is it possible to remove yellow stains in a transparent case with soapy water?

Yellow stains usually cause by chemicals or oils. Soapy water is an alkali solution that can remove the dirt from the cloth. Its effectiveness in the case of phones is very low. So it is better not to use soapy water.

How effective is toothpaste to remove yellow stains in a phone case?

Toothpaste is good for removing light stains. But it isn’t more effective than dish soap. Even, It doesn’t mean wasting two people’s toothpaste in a whole day.

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