How To Clean Leather Phone Case

The leather cases are very different from other cases. As a result, its maintenance process is different.

Clean a leather phone case is a good habit. I will give you the right solution and inform you about the use of leather conditioner

Types of the leather case

There are many types of leather cases based on materials such as hardness, softness. Some of the best varieties of leather phone cases play an essential role in making and are very popular.

  • Active leather case.
  • Nomad rugged leather case.
  • Horween leather case.
  • Natural leather & Plastic leather mobile case

There are also various leather cases based on the design that used in the cellphone. We use these on the phone for our benefits, such as holding credit cards, holding SIM cards, keeping necessary documents or money.

  • Wallet leather case
  • Cardholder leather case
  • 360-degree flip case
  • Real leather case.

What is a nomad rugged leather case?

This question may arise in your mind. The feature of these cases is that they are a bit harder than usual leather. These cases are best for keeping your phone secure and give the phone a premium look. The brown color of the nomad rugged leather case is beautiful and catches everyone’s focus.

Equipment to the clear leather case

Some special liquids need for the leather case maintenance. The disinfectant wipes we use in the house cannot use. They are

How to clean a leather case (30 sec)

clean a leather case

Cleaning leather cases is not as complicated as rocket science. Leather cases are easy to clean as compare to furniture. So, how to clean a faux leather phone case? If you do maintenance according to the precepts, your phone case will long last. The cleaning rules are the same for all types of leather cases.

  1. Open the case: Remove the case from your phone. If the phone cover is a leather wallet case, you must take out the SIM card, credit card, necessary documents inside.
  2. Equipt leather cleaner: Take a clean cloth. Then, spray the cleaner two to three times on a wet cloth. Note that you cannot spray directly on the case. It may affect the quality of the case.
  3. Clean the corners of the case: Gently clean with soft cloths or paper towels. There is no need to rub in one place again and again. If you scratch somewhere with your fingers, rub it with olive oil. Then make it dry in direct sunlight.
  4. Wet the dry cloth with conditioner: Once the cleaning task finish, spray the conditioner with another microfiber cloth—no need to spread much at first. Excessive conditioning is harmful to your case; over rubbing lost its shiny glaze.
  5. Polishing: Polishing shoes will varnish and look beautiful. Similarly, polishing a colored leather case makes it more sustained and makes your phone attractive. So it has to be polished carefully. Be careful not to rub the same place over and over again. Make sure you don’t apply it on your screen.

Chemicals that you should not use cleanly in leather cases

Most of the chemicals we use for cleaning are alkaline or alcoholic. Please cannot use harsh chemicals such as those with deficient pH levels. These will clean your case well but also dangerous.

Which cleaner could damage my cell phone cover? Harsh liquid such as mild soap, Dish Soap helps to reduce almost everything. Learn about the chemicals we use at home that are harmful to the phone case.

  • Solution of Baking soda and White vinegar
  • Mild hand soap
  • Warm water
  • Glass cleaner, Bleach
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Perfume, Hairspray & Aerosol sprays.
  • Lemon juice
  • Alcohol (beer, spirits)

How to remove intense scratches and ink from a leather case

Clean Leather Phone Case

If you are a User of a leather phone case, it is customary to wear light Spots with your fingernails. So how to remove it?

Leather cleaner spray and leather conditioner are using for light dust removal and polishing. These can remove light scratches.

How do I remove ball pens ink stains from my mobile cover? Here are some tips and tricks that you can not always apply.

  • Rubbing alcohol: Isopropyl alcohol is a type of cloning agent that is best for removing ink. You can get it at any home improvement store. Leave a little rubbing alcohol on the ink and wipe with a dry cloth or tissue.
  • Perfume/ Hair spray: Alcohol opposite perfume and hair spray. If you do not have to rub alcohol at home, you can work with it. Spray a little perfume on the link and wait for 10 seconds. Then wipe with a dry cloth.
  • Remove scratches: You should remove light scratches with olive oil, baby oil, mink oil, or wax. But You can remove deep scratches with leather oil and conditioner. Rub these with liquids, and you will see that the scratch removes from the phone case.


Why microfiber cloths are necessary?

The microfiber fabric is made of polyester and nylon and the main advantage that the fibers are 100 times shorter than human hair. A large amount of fiber touches a surface area and makes the microfiber more absorbent.

Why Leather Phone Cases Discolor?

After a certain period, the Leather Phone case began to be discolored. This change does not apply only to phone cases. After some moment all the materials made of leather-like bags, shoes discolored. The solution is maintenance. After cleaning the phone case, it should be polished with a damp cloth and leather conditioner. This will make the case shiny and not pale.

Should I Use Alcohol in the Cleaning Step?

Alcohol cannot be used in silicone cases and leather cases as a cleaning solution. Do not use excess water. Except for TPU or waterproof case, soapy water reduces the quality of the case. with lint-free cloth

Can you clean COVID-19 from your mobile phone?

The coronavirus is usually spread through the air. It may stick to your clothes for a while. It is better to clean the hands with hand sanitizer. But it would not be right to clean the phone case with the same sanitizer. So use the reagents that are used to clean the phone.

Can you use soap on your phone?

Soapy water contains more alkali which reduces the temper of the leather phone case. Soap water is also harmful to young children. So you have to refrain from these on the phone

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