How to Clean a Screen Protector

Even though screen protectors extend the life of your device by protecting it from dents, scratches, and other forms of impact damage, fingerprints are impossible to avoid.

While we walk you through the correct procedure for cleaning a screen protector, offer your phone some love and pay attention to what we have to say.

And because tempered glass is so similar in terms of texture and finish to the screen on your phone, this advice could also apply to your phone screen if you don’t have a protector on it.

What Not To Do

First, a few pointers on what you should most definitely not do. Taking these precautions could result in the tempered glass on your phone is permanently broken, or even worse, your screen itself.

  • Avoid using cleaners and chemicals that are highly abrasive, such as Windex or alcohol. If you use these formulae, your protector can lose its oleophobic coating, making it far less comfortable to apply and use.
  • Scrubbing with materials that are too abrasive is a huge no-no. You should avoid dishwashing brushes, paper towels, or rough sponges in this situation.

These products have the potential to scratch your protector, and they are not suitable for cleaning tempered glass.

How To Do It The Right Way

This is the definitive guide, whether it is your smartphone, tablet, or gaming console.

In Many Cases, No Cleaner Is The Best Choice

It is essential to remember that tempered glass protectors that feature an oleophobic coating are resistant to smudge and often easy to clean. Sometimes, all your phone needs to seem as good as new is a quick dusting with a microfiber cloth in a dry environment. However, if the stains are tough to remove, you must step up your game; keep reading to find out more.

The Secret Sauce

Dish soap is the key to success in cleaning tempered glass properly. That’s right: your typical, run-of-the-mill dish soap. However, because it is pretty potent on its own, you will need to combine it with water in the same proportions to create a less abrasive solution.

Rub & Tug

Applying your soap-and-water solution to the screen with care using a microfiber cloth is highly recommended. Don’t douse your phone in liquid. Just a little bit can go a very long way. Dish soap that has been diluted will perform its cleansing enchantment on any sticky smudges or spots by dissolving any grime buildup. The oleophobic coating, on the other hand, won’t suffer any damage in any way.

Dry & Shine

Remove any remaining cleanser with a dry cloth, and do so as quickly as possible. You ought to discover that the smears have been replaced with an immaculate finish.

It might help to leave the soap mixture on the device for ten or twenty seconds before the drying phase. Also, use piece of microfiber cloth to shine the screen through and through.


Even after following all of these instructions on how to clean a screen protector, if you still can’t get rid of a smudge or stain that won’t go away, it might be time to invest in a fresh new one.

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