How to Clean a Rubber Phone Case

These days, we are always glued to our phones. From reading emails to endless scrolling through social media, we touch our phone cases with dirty hands over a thousand times a day!

And the worst-case scenario is…?

Our shiny clear rubber case becomes an ugly case!

The best-known type of cell phone case is the rubber case. It has a silky texture and slightly soft feel and has been around for quite some time. It has gone from being a scruffy, prominent product to a well-crafted, unique brand with a sizable market share.

Rubber casing has been popular and appreciated by many people due to its excellent value for money. Also, people like rubber liners because they have a good grip; some phones with full keyboards will benefit from the rubber cover.

How to Clean your Rubber Cell Phone Case

Rubber cases have excellent waterproof performance and their main strength. It’s hard for a storm to break through and put your phone in danger of getting wet. That’s why the rubber case is the best choice for some, over-hard plastic cases that are almost impossible to remove from the phone.

Although the rubber case has several advantages, it is also affordable.

Rubber, as a material, has been used for many purposes and has numerous advantages.

Being an affordable material, it has become the ideal choice for many applications.

Let’s have a look at the ways to clean the rubber phone case to make it look new again.

  1. Like silicone cases, rubber phone cases as well can be easily cleaned with a mixture of dish soap and water. This is the easiest way to clean phone cases. Submerge the box in soapy water and clean the edges with a toothbrush.
  2. Then rub the rubber case with a microfiber towel. If there are still stains on the rubber phone case, you can moisten the cloth with isopropyl alcohol and clean it again. You can as well add some borax to the soapy water and let the rubber boot sit in the solution for an hour. Always use a lint-free, flat-weave microfiber cloth to dry rubber, such as our microfiber chamois cloths. This will prevent streaks and lint.

A few stains are more stubborn than others, especially clear rubber or white rubber covers.

Hence if you still can’t get rid of all the gunk, try making a paste of baking soda and water. Spread the paste on the rubber boot and let it dry for a few hours. Then brush off the paste and rinse the box. If you want to know how to thoroughly clean rubber phone cases, try this method.

Finally, avoid boiling your rubber phone case as it can reduce the size of the case.


It’s important to regularly clean your phone’s rubber case to prevent the buildup of dirt, debris, and grime. With a combination of cleaning mixtures, you can effectively clean your phone’s rubber case, regardless of the type of case. Either rubber or wood.

Find out how to clean the rubber phone case with these tips mentioned above, and with regular cleaning, the rubber phone case will be durable.

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