How to Clean a Phone Charging Port

We’re used to cleaning things up from the floor, but they can also get inside the charging connector on our phone. When you place your smartphone with the port pointing down inside a bag or pocket, which happens frequently, it may happen. While a small amount of material won’t instantly harm your phone, over time, it can get so dirty that your device stops functioning.

Why It Is Necessary

Your phone’s charging port may appear tiny, but it can collect dust quickly. When you charge it, the connector may push the debris further into the charging port, ultimately causing the phone to malfunction by not charging properly.

Think about the following the next time you plug in your phone:

  • Is the connector securely attached?
  • Are you having issues with the battery’s charging?

If so, it’s time to clean up the port, as your USB-C or Lightning cable might no longer create a reliable connection.

Checking your device is the first step. Examine the charging port up close using a powerful spotlight or flashlight. It would help if you frequently inspected it for dust and debris.

How To Clean Phone Charging Port Safely

In these issues, what should not be done is almost as important as what should be done. So, if you find the charging port has a dust issue, you should be cautious when cleaning it to prevent harming your device in the long run. Sharp things, such as knives, paper clips, or safety pins, might damage your phone’s fragile parts or cause them to crack and break inside the port.

Things You May Need

Use the equipment that most professionals employ to clean up the charging port on your phone in a gentler yet more efficient manner:

  • Since they are flexible and can fit tight spaces, cotton swabs and toothpicks are less likely to harm the charging port physically.
  • It would help if you did not put anything in the charging port while using compressed air or a bulb syringe because the air from these tools can loosen and extract debris.

How To Clean Lightning Ports (iPhone) Or USB-C Ports (Android)

The charging pins in the Lightning port on Apple® products differ slightly from those in a typical USB-C port. On the other hand, the procedures for cleaning an iPhone charging port or a USB-C charging port on an Android phone are straightforward:

  • After turning off your device, clean the charging port with the bulb syringe or a can of compressed air. Check to see if any dust escapes by launching a couple of brief blasts. Hold the can upright to prevent water from entering the port when using compressed air.
  • Try restarting your device and charging the battery. If it still won’t charge, try turning the device off again and gently removing any obstructions in the port using a toothpick. Make sure to work slowly and in good lighting to see what you’re doing. This will prevent the toothpick from breaking.
  • To eliminate the dust fragments you have unfastened with the toothpick, spray the compressed air or bulb syringe. Afterward, restart your iPhone or iPad and check if it charges.
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