5 Things You Didn’t Know About Disadvantages Of Phone Cases

Nowadays we give more importance to the phone case than the phone. There are many logical reasons behind this importance. We almost always like to texture the phone of our choice. But do you know the disadvantages of phone cases?

About 88% of the world’s phone users use a phone case. This is why most of these people want to look at the hobby device a little differently. Should I Use A Phone Case? Discover now phone cases pros and cons.

Why do people use phone cases?

Low- and mid-range cell phone companies try to offer high-end processors, good cameras, GPUs, batteries, storage, and almost everything at low prices to meet customer demand. But despite not forgetting that they forget that the external structure of the phone should be good. This is why consumers use covers to get peace of mind.

On the other hand, the build quality of high price devices is good such as iPhone, Samsung. The person who uses new cases every day because of their hobbies. But you should know that there are many disadvantages to phone cases. That’s why people use skin paper. phone case vs skin which one should you use?

The disadvantages of phone cases: why you shouldn’t use a phone case

Major problems

Heating issue

The main disadvantages of phone cases are the heating problem. At first, you may think that using the case reduces the heat of the phone. But in reality, it seems to be right, but inwardly it is identical. Whether the metal body or the plastic body of the cell phone is in the open air, the temperature is exchanged. But if it is covered with TPU, polycarbonate, or silicone plastic material, heat will not come out. As a result, even though it feels cold outside, the inside parts of the phone get hotter than usual.

  • You will consider the heating issue as the biggest problem. This is because overheating on the one hand reduces the tendency of the battery to charge and takes a long time to charge.
  • On the other hand, the performance of the graphics system is greatly reduced.
  • Also, the phone starts to hang and lags.

Case materials

Phone case materials are very important. The materials used in normal phone cases are of low quality and harmful to health. Your baby may have stomach upset and diarrhea when he puts his phone in his mouth. Children’s bodies are very sensitive so they are more likely to have indigestion. Adults also think that they will survive from Bacteria or germs. These low-quality metatarsals cause damage to the body.

The leather and Transparent case are better. But, the maintaining process of the leather phone cases and the cleaning process of the transparent cases are so tough. The transparent case got a yellowish effect very fast.

Signal problem

Some cases offer 360-degree screen protection which can be said to be the cause of the signal jam. Does signal jam mean only SIM network? Not. The phone’s wireless charging, WiFi reception block, Bluetooth devices(headphones, smartwatch, soundbox, etc.) interference with the signal. However, this problem is not only in the case of the back cover.

Optional problem

Thickness & Weight

The phone case enhances the wide range, thickness, and weight of the phone. It is difficult to hold the phone. It feels uncomfortable to keep in the pocket.


You are deprived of the attractive design & color of the phone. 😉

Disadvantages of Phone Cases

Solution for disadvantages of Phone Cases

There are so many bad aspects to a phone case that it’s hard to say no. 🙂 Maybe not! We are going to present to you some techniques which will help you to get rid of the hassles of the phone case problems. Also, It is possible to protect your phone without a case

  • Which materials should I take for the phone case? You can use a genuine leather case instead of plastic. These are long-term and of good quality.
  • The back of the case has a leaky design and not a 360 level protection & wallet phone (Holes or Bumper features Case).
  • Keep the case open while taking pictures or videos, maps, playing games, and charging. Because in these cases the phone is very hot.
  • Clean your phone case at least once a week.
  • It is better to stay away from using the phone case during hot weather.
  • Waterproof cases are 360 ​​degrees protection with built-in screen protectors. These have to be used for use in water. The end of use underwater should be kept open again.
  • Expensive cases are usually better. You can see more reviews on our cases.
  • Keep your phone safe with a different wooden wireless charging stations.


  • Give You proper grip.
  • Protect from occasional drops.
  • screen guards.
  • Dust resistance.
  • Reduce scratches.


  • Heating issue – Reduces experience (Charging, Gaming).
  • Harmful to health (Especially for baby).
  • increases weight.
  • Feels annoying all the time.

Final Word

I only discussed with you the disadvantages of phone cases. So what are the benefits of not using a phone case? & why do we need a phone case? Yes, a phone case has many advantages(Protection: screen guards, phone from scratches, Grip, Drop protections, phone from drops, dust resistance, occasional drops, etc).

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