How to Clean a Clear iPhone Case?

how to clean iphone clear case

Want to prevent yellow stains on your phone case? Here’s how to clean a clear iPhone case and keep it looking new. You probably don’t give your phone case much thought – until you remove it and see yellow stains all over it. It is a common problem, as the cases are exposed to ultraviolet … Read more

How to Clean an iPad Case

how to clean an ipad case

Apple set an example with its smart cover for the iPad, which has a microfiber lining that cleans the iPad’s display and protects it from scratches. However, many people don’t realize that this microfiber material also absorbs finger oil and dirt. Over time, your smart cover can become stained and grimy. Here’s how to clean … Read more

How to Clean iPad Screen?

how to clean an ipad screen

Do you have scratches on your iPad your bit of confusion is a barrier to cleaning it properly? iPad looks appealing in its appearance with the balanced curves and delicately positioned hardware. But, when the screen is full of fingerprints, it seems dirty and unattractive. That’s why here is a guide on cleaning your iPad … Read more

How to Customize a Phone Case

customize phone case

Figuring out how to customize a phone case is a great idea if you want your phone to stand out. On top of that, a good case offers stellar protection, and it eliminates any possible damage that might arise. While it’s important to buy a great case, you also want it to make it your … Read more

How to Take a Phone Case Off

take phone case off

While we once had tank-shaped cell phones that barely needed protective cases, a rugged phone case is pretty much a daily necessity for big-screen phones like iPhones and Samsungs. But what happens when you have to take the phone out of the case? Although a proper case is a necessity in modern life, sometimes it … Read more