Can A Phone Case Affect wifi Reception (Ultimate Secret)

One of the signs of our convenience is to give the phone an attractive look. But do you know how much trouble a phone case is? It can block all signals, absorb the heat and spread out inside the phone, and not allow it to come out.

There are also many disadvantages of a phone case. In this article you know Can A Phone Case Affect wifi?

Suppose I tell you the same answer, then of course yes. But why? Let’s know a minor detail.

Wifi signal

The wifi signal refers to a radio wave. It has 2ghz and 5ghz frequencies. When there is extra wifi around your house, may create a blockage in their channel. That is why you do not get coverage on your phone.

In many cases, even if the door and window of the room are closed, there will be problems later. The solution is to buy a router with a better range and more antennas.

The wifi signal is blocked for the wall, but it also depends on the phone case. Phone case materials have a lot of impacts. Metal, aluminum is one problem, and glass is another problem. We get to know about the materials of the case and see what kind of materials are used.

Radio waves can penetrate well through non-conducting materials such as wood, brick and concrete but are obstructed by electrical conductors, such as metal, aluminum or any metallic material.

Wifi signal Antenna

Wifi signal Antenna

In most cases, the signal antennas of the smartphone are locating on one side of the surface top of the phone. There are two antennas side by side. One is for gsm, i.e., sim network, and the other is for wifi signal.

Old button phones had small steel sheets attached to the back case to increase the range of the antenna, which did not cause much network disruption. But it is not possible to imagine the addition of non-removable batteries in smartphones.

Have you ever wondered if the antennas on the motherboard are covered with a plastic or metal body? No problem. The phone builder builds the smart phone in such a way that there are no problems. So, how strong is the wifi signal that it can penetrate so many objects?

Cellphone Case Materials

Can A Phone Case Affect wifi Reception

We usually use TPU, Silicone, Glass, Leather cases. Also, learn about many more types of case materials.

  • Silicone case
  • Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) case
  • Aluminum case
  • Made of Plastic and Rubber
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Custom Fabric
  • EMF Radiation Shields case
  • Polycarbonate, Polyurethane Case Materials
  • Battery Cases
  • Metallized Nylon Fleece Case
  • Metal case
  • Wood case
  • Kevlar – Aramid Fiber
  • Synthetic Leather Case

Don’t buy a metal phone case

metal phone case

You will suffer signal problems when you use a metal case. Metal cases are electrical conductors that interrupt radio waves. That means refrain from buying metal cases. We are almost sure that the Metal Phone Case Affect wifi Reception.

But Some phones that are made by the metal body can cause wifi signal problem? Big companies like Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi come out with many flagship models, which are metal bodies. In this case, they use good quality wifi modules and long-range antennas that’s why we can use at home and office without facing any issues.

What to do to get a good wifi signal?

  • Choose a long range router by comparing it to the location
  • If there are more than five routers Nearby your home, change the channel (you will find it on the router settings page)
  • Refrain from putting the case on the phone.
  • Metal and aluminum cases, in particular, disturb the signal to a greater extent.

Phone Case Affect wifi Signal – Live Test.

wifi Signal - Live Test

There is third-party software that You can use to test how strong the wifi signal is. You’ll find the software in both the App Store and Play Store. You can try wearing a phone case once and not putting it second time.


Will an aluminum phone case block the wifi signal?

Yes, aluminum phone case blocks both SIM signal and wifi network.

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