The Best Cases for Phones

Many of us are always on our phones all day, every day, taking them everywhere with us, often even to the bathroom. So it’s important to have a phone case that a) protects our phone from scratches and cracks and b) is a case that we really like how it looks and enjoy carrying around.

There are countless phone case options, many of which meet our durability criteria.

Nowadays, brands know you want to keep your phones safe while also looking ~ chic ~, which is why even the most rugged cases are changing their design.

I did some research and found my personal favorites. From a phone case made mostly from recycled materials to one with a fully customizable logo pattern, here are five of the best phone case brands around.

Always remember that most of them are available for Apple and Samsung mobile devices, and some also fit Google Pixel.

Which brand of phone cases is the absolute best?


Casetify has hundreds of phone cases to fit all different types of phones. The latest is Impact and Impact Crush Case, made from recyclable plant materials.

Assuming you are searching for a phone case whose main function is to look good, CASETiFY is sure to have one that tickles your fancy. It ranks its phone cases not only by phone model (iPhone, Samsung, and Google) but by the type of case, such as best sellers seen on Instagram and among independent artists.


OtterBox is another of the prominent names you will find when looking for the best cell phone cases. This phone case brand is known for its stunning and compressive design, which everyone would appreciate. Most of their covers are subtle and simplistic; however, what would impress you the most about this would be the extra features.

Most of the phone cases from this brand have antimicrobial properties, which would keep the phone free from harmful bacteria. There is also a non-slip grip that ensures you don’t drop your phone that often. Their phone cases also feature 3X military-grade protection that protects against long-distance drops. There is also a ProGrip feature which makes it easier to hold the phone more firmly while watching videos or games. Phone cases from this particular brand are also compatible with wireless charging; hence they would be ideal for your expensive phones.

Generally, this is one of the best phone cases that offer high-quality and luxurious phone cases.


Spigen is also one of the best cell phone case brands you can find. This is not only one of the best phone case brands but also the most popular to find. The brand has dominated the phone case market for a long time and is also very popular with phone case lovers.

One of the reasons this brand is so popular is because it offers the best types of phone cases at an affordable price and good quality too. This brand has a wide range of cell phone cases, and customers can easily find the one they prefer.

Their phone cases come with a shock-absorbing quality and also offer a good grip which reduces the chances of the smartphone falling out of your hands.

The minimalist design and simplistic look are something that appeals to your customers the most. Overall, it’s one of the most affordable phone case brands you can find.

What is the most protective phone case brand?


It’s pretty hard to beat Otterbox for rugged phone cases because that’s all they do.

You won’t really find a light or slim option on the Otterbox, and in most cases, their products use a sturdy two-piece build. The Otterbox cases were mostly black, but the company has since branched out into a few shades of blue, green, and purple as well. Assuming you’re lucky, you might even find a clear case for your phone.

Otterbox is one of the brands that has stayed with built-in screen protectors for as long as possible. You might as well find them here and there, although only for flat screen phones. Regardless of which route you take, you are pretty safe in the knowledge that your Otterbox is a sturdy case.


There is a lot to love about Casetify Cases. The slim profile cases are available in a wide range of very elegant patterns and prints. Depending on your cellphone model, these durable cases made from advanced materials not only absorb the impact of damage when dropped from a height of 10 to 12 feet but are also meant to help prevent drops from happening at all.

From pink and purple clouds in a blue case to wavy psychedelic smileys, Casetify has pretty much everything you could ever want. You can as well customize your case by choosing from over a dozen exterior bumper color options.

Casetify has several collections, all of which have many interesting features, but they are also quite expensive.

Urban Armor Squad

If you want a slightly thinner but strong and sturdy case, you might want to check out Urban Armor Gear or UAG. There are one of the newer case makers, although the team seems to have figured out what works.

You’ll seldom find a thicker bumper at the top and bottom of the UAG case, and each model in the line includes a MIL-STD certification.

UAG doesn’t offer the same variety as other manufacturers, but it addresses the main points of the latest Samsung Galaxy S22 and Apple iPhone 13 lineups. There’s also some support for mid-range devices. There aren’t really bright colors to select from, but the muted tones are good for everyday life. You can also see some clear cases.


Poetic is all about 360-degree protection on a budget while still offering built-in screen protectors on some models. Its two-piece design philosophy can be difficult to apply, but at least you know your phone won’t fall off. There aren’t many colors to choose from, but some of Poetic’s best-rugged phone cases offer a built-in kickstand, which more than makes up for the lack of style.

Poetic is happy to provide you with a belt holster with your purchase. If you still want to keep your phone in your pocket, it might be time to get some new pants.


You may notice some similarities between Supcase and Poetic. Both are heavily invested in full protection, and that means more integrated screen protectors. All of Supcase’s options are pretty sturdy, and they appreciate the black color even better than the competition.

You’ll probably want a belt holster, right? You are lucky. Each case comes with one and each case is tested beyond military standards, so you can feel comfortable enough by dropping your phone from a decent height.

The two-piece design might take some effort to put on, but it won’t go anywhere once worn.

Which case material is best for phones?

When choosing a phone case, one of the first decisions to make is which material (or materials) to buy. Some materials are more durable than others and can make a big difference in protecting your phone. In this quick guide, I’ll walk you through four of the best and most common materials for phone cases.


Do you often drop your cell phone by mistake? Assuming so, you need a silicone phone case.

The most shock-absorbing case is the one with a silicone interior. You can often find silicone on the edges and sides of the case. Most silicone cases are available in other types of materials, such as polycarbonate.

It is also important to check the case for its military drop test certification. This grade tells you how worthy the product is for military use.

The higher the score, the better it will withstand falls and drops. Few phone case manufacturers even offer protection against dust, water, and other types of damage.


Rubber is regarded as the best phone case material for shock-absorbing. It is soft, flexible, and convenient. Compared to polycarbonate and other similar materials, rubber offers a comforting grip.

Let’s say you have an iPhone 12, for example. You take care of it, but accidents are inevitable. To make sure you protect your premium phone from cracks and other hardware malfunctions, use a rubber case.

Rubber phone cases are vital investments if you plan to sell your phone for a new model later on. Remember to always buy quality rubber phone cases from reputable sellers. Otherwise, you could spend on low-quality reproductions and risk damaging your phone.

Polycarbonate and TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane)

If you want something that offers scratch protection, buy a polycarbonate phone case.

Polycarbonate is a hard material.

When combined with TPU, you get a hard and softphone case. TPU is a soft and flexible material that is often used with polycarbonate. Many one-piece cases as well use TPU, which is very durable. It is a great material for impact protection.

It is also a great gaming phone case, especially for those with a short temper.

Please note that hard phone cases do not work well against drops. Manufacturers add soft material inside to increase defense against floors.


Are you an employee? Do you prefer things are kept simple and affordable? If so, the leather material is what you need.

The leather offers a luxurious and formal look. Therefore, many smartphone cases and flip cases use leather as the main material. It is also perfect for cell phone cases with card holders.

When you buy a leather phone case, it is an investment. Leather is the type of material that improves with age. In addition, it offers a good grip.

Which phone case has the best drop protection?

Griffin survivor

The Griffin Survivor case acts as a force field for your phone. It has a shock-absorbing bumper and is made of impact-resistant polymer material with a textured bumper interior that also absorbs impact and can absorb the impact of damage when it falls from a height of 6 feet.

Even if you threw your Griffin Survivor phone off a cliff, I’m not entirely sure it will break.

Otterbox defender

The strongest case offered by the industry’s gold standard in protective case manufacturing, Otterbox Defender, offers 4-layer protection. It consists of a plastic inner shell; the outer shell is made of silicone to absorb shocks against falls. Another layer that offers protection comes with the holster” layer.

What sets Otterbox Defender apart from other cases is the “screenless” protection, which means that users don’t have to look for an additional layer that “numbs” the touch capabilities of the natural screen. One of the reasons Otterbox Defender appears recurring on all review sites is the level of testing Otterbox runs 238 hours and 24 different tests. Additionally, Otterbox Defender has been shown to survive drops of up to 23 stories.


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Gripzilla! The Gripzilla Armor Case has a raised 1.5mm bezel above the screen and camera, so if you drop it to the floor, for example, neither the screen nor the camera will be affected. The grooved sides provide a better grip on your device, and the rough texture has the same effect. This durable and protective phone case is compatible with iPhone 12 and 12 Pro;

however, it is also available for other iPhones and Androids.

Urban Armor Squad.

Known for building famous and highly durable cases with lightweight materials, Urban Armor Gear’s strongest cases include the Monarch model with 5 layers of protection and 2 military standard drop tests; the Outback that the company touts as its military-grade protection model and; the Pathfinder, which shares the look of the Outback but comes with the Outback’s everyday versatility. Unfortunately, the only model available for use with tablets is the Outback, but with its grip function, it’s a functional case that works comfortably while sacrificing some of the protective properties of other models. For maximum protection, the Monarch model can withstand drops from four feet up to twenty-six times without damage. Additionally, this model features rubber ribs to help it grip slippery surfaces better than other models.


Hard to find, the G-Form case has set records for robustness in the event of a 100,000-foot drop, and the connected device has not been damaged. Engineering and technology make the G-Form product unique, with a proprietary process that allows the material to harden on impact. The company calls this reactive protection technology and also implements it in sports applications. Shaped like a G, the case offers a hard polycarbonate outer shell and a TPE inner insert for added protection. If you need maximum protection against high falls, G-Form offers the best protection.

However, it can be difficult to find one for your device, especially if you use the latest smartphones and tablets on the market.

Can hard cases damage your phone?

In the event of a fall, the hard plastic does not transfer the impact directly to the phone, but it cannot absorb it well either. Alternatively, the case is designed to redistribute the impact across the case, saving the phone from bearing the brunt of the blow. This reduces the severity of the damage, but not as much as if the impact had been absorbed before hitting the phone.

When it comes to heat, hard cases are useful for protecting your phone from the heat and cold that comes from external sources like the weather or your hands, but that insulating property works both ways. The heat generated by your phone’s battery has a hard time escaping.

In terms of scratches, the hard phone case can scratch the phone if sand or other debris gets under the cover and into the phone. The particles move when you handle the phone, and the case presses against the back. Then, when pressure is applied to the cover and the phone, anything in between will move and scratch your device. Now, this may not even be visible to you if the phone case is always on. But when you finally take it off, your once pristine phone is now worn, scratched, and possibly even stained.

How long do phone cases last?

Hard plastic cases can last a lifetime because plastic doesn’t die. It is forever and eventually becomes a permanent rejection.

It can serve the purpose of protecting the phone from scratches and dings for five years.

That is if they chip or fall off, leading to early removal of the phone case. However, you could purchase a hard plastic case with rubber accents around the edges. This can allow for a longer life of the phone case.

Rubber phone cases only break after about fifty years. So this can also last a long time. But these cases would serve their purpose for about three years. The reason is that the cover wears out quickly if you constantly remove it.

That said, the rubber phone cases will eventually break. And the plastic case will last forever.

Eco-friendly phone cases can last two years. Many eco-friendly phone cases are made from recycled material, such as reclaimed wood, bamboo, and cork. Other cases are made from recycled denim and may even include a small pocket to keep cards, ID, and cash safe.

These eco-friendly phone cases should be treated differently than regular phone cases.

They should be kept away from water and have a buffer between them and the ground. They aren’t known for being incredibly durable, but they’re made from renewable materials that you wouldn’t be able to use otherwise.

How to clean a phone case

Use a mixture of warm water and a couple of drops of dish soap. Use a soft toothbrush (nothing with hard bristles) or a soft brush or microfiber cloth to clean the phone case with this solution, reaching all places, inside and out. Once done, rinse the case with warm water and then use a soft cloth to dry it.

Let it sit for at least an hour until it dries completely before putting it back on the phone, especially if the phone is not waterproof.


When it comes to phone cases, there are a lot of options. Whether you are looking for style, protection, or both, there is something for everyone in every price range. When shopping for a new case, be sure to consider your lifestyle, the level of protection you’re looking for, and most importantly, the style!

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